How to Start Betting on Sports
For many years sports betting was considered a "hush-hush" topic in the eyes of the public. Well, TJ says
shout it from the roof tops, baby! In May of 2018 the United States government banned the Professional
and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This law had defined the legal status of sports betting
throughout the U.S. making it legal in certain states (Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana) and illegal
elsewhere. Since PASPA is now considered unconstitutional it is up to each individual state to decide if they
want to offer sports betting meaning it is expected to spread around the country in the coming years!

So if you've been hearing all the buzz and excitement of sports wagering from your uncle Jimmy, the
co-worker in the next cubicle, or your sports fanatic friend and want to learn the basics, you've come to the
right place.
Step 1 - Find a Sportsbook

If you live in a state that offers sports betting simply call or visit your nearest casino or horse racing track
and ask if they have a sportsbook. (You may want to
Google if your state has sports wagering as a new
state seems to add to the growing list each month.) If not, I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.

If you live in a state that doesn't offer sports betting yet, you can sign up with an online sportsbook.

A great website that can help with this is as they have a section dedicated to online sportsbook

One of the books they recommend is TJ Goldrock agrees with this choice and while it's always
important to have more than one book to wager with (to get the best odds, since they can differ from book to
book) the number one reason to consider this outlet is because they are known to payout winnings within a
reasonable time frame. For example, when requesting a withdrawal using Moneygram, a service similar to
Western Union, you could have cold hard cash in your hand within 48 hours!
Step 2 - Sign up with your Sportsbook

If you bet at an actual brick and mortar casino or race track you probably don't need to sign up. You should
be able to just walk in and place your bet with cash or casino chips. They may, however, offer comps based
on how much you wager, so signing up for a players card or comp service may be a good idea. In fact, if you
bet at one of these establishments, you don't need the rest of this tutorial! Simply place your bet, enjoy the
game and cash in those winning tickets!

Online it's a different story. You'll need to sign up, IE start an account, with the sportsbook.

This is an easy process. Simply go to the home page of the online sportsbook of your choice and in the "Join
Now" box type in the information they require. This will be standard sign up procedures like most websites:  
Phone number, address, date of birth, create a password, etc.
Step 3 - Choose your Method of Choice for Funding your Sportsbook Account

Once logged into your account, find the Cashier section and click on Deposit. There you will find many
deposit options. Find the one that's best for you. Perhaps it's Bitcoin or Money Order. TJ Goldrock
recommends Moneygram. (This is similar to Western Union).

Simply fill in the information they ask of you. For example:  How much money you are funding your account for
and click "Continue".

The website will then generate a name and address of where you are to wire your money. (Be sure to write
this information down or have your phone handy when you get to the Moneygram location so you will be able
to refer to your account and fill out the Moneygram form properly).
Step 4 - Go to your nearest Moneygram location

The great thing about betting online is you can bet from anywhere including your home. Step 4, however,
requires you to leave the house. This is when you physically go to your nearest Moneygram location and wire
money to your sportsbook account. Moneygram locations are typically in places such as 7Eleven, CVS,
Walmart, etc. For a list of places in your area you may want to do a quick
Google search to be sure before
leaving home. While it sounds like a nuisance, I like to think of it as turning my local convenience store into a

You may also want to stop at an ATM first before going to the Moneygram location, although some (not all)
places will except your debit card.

When you get to your Moneygram location find the form for sending money. These are usually near customer
service or you can ask a store associate to point you in the direction of one.

(Below is a sample picture of one from Walmart)
Step 5 - Fill in the Form and Wire money to your Account

After filling out the form with basic information, Sender's (that's your information) name, address, etc. and the
Receiver's (that's the sportsbook) information go to the customer service counter and explain to the attendant
that you would like to send Moneygram. They will process the paperwork for you.

VERY IMPORTANT:  When they are done processing, they will give you a receipt with a REFERENCE
on it. This is usually an EIGHT digit number. You will need this for your final step in the process. (If
you can't find the reference number ask the attendant for help).

Also, please be aware that Moneygram charges a small fee (usually around $8) to wire money.
Step 6 - Enter the Moneygram Reference Number into your Sportsbook Account

You are finally at the last step! All that separates you now from placing bets is about one hour of your time.

When you have the reference number, log into your sportsbook account and go to the deposit section. Once
there, enter the reference number into the appropriate box and hit continue. That's it! You are done. The
money usually takes about an hour (usually less) to be processed through.

It's a good idea to log back in in about one hour after submitting the reference number to make sure your funds
are there. After you see the balance is correct you are all set. The process should take less than two hours
total from sign up to your funds being activated (this also depends how far of a commute you have to the
nearest Moneygram location) so plan accordingly if you want the funds available to bet on a big game coming
up that you have your eye on.

And that's all there is to it when setting up your account! I hope this tutorial was helpful.