About TJ Goldrock
TJ has been offering advice on sporting events for over a decade.
Throughout his many years of experience he has had plenty of
successful seasons in football. However, picking baseball
winners is his speciality. TJ uses power ratings and statistics to
pick consistent winners as well as good old fashion observing.
While anyone can review box scores, TJ puts in the time to watch
games and learn about teams. "I learn so much information about
teams and their tendencies by watching games. I then use that
info to select winners" TJ says.

And speaking of winning, TJ knows there is more than one way to
do that. While he focuses mainly on moneyline selections,
sometimes he will offer picks on "totals" (over/under), runlines,
parlays, or props.

So if you want honest and smart advice to make money, sign up
for baseball and football winners at
TJGoldrock.com today!

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