TJ Goldrock - Disclaimer/Privacy Policy
TJ Goldrock is a sports selection service. Each day during the MLB
regular season and post season and each week during the NFL/college
regular season and post/bowl season TJ Goldrock will make selections on
games that will then be made available to clients. The plays for baseball
(either Moneyline, Runline, or Over/Under) that TJ Goldrock releases, will
count in the TJ Goldrock standings page as wins, loses, and pushes
regardless if both, either, or neither starting pitchers start for their
respected teams. Point Spreads or Over/Unders will count in the
standings in relation to the number released by TJ Goldrock - regardless
of line moves after a play is released. Although TJ Goldrock focuses
mainly on Money Line (ML) selections for baseball (and sometimes
football) and Against the Spread (ATS) selections for football, TJ
Goldrock may also release selections on totals (over/under), runlines
(RL) for baseball, parlays, teasers for football and sometimes proposition
(prop) selections. TJ Goldrock will NOT provide picks on All Star games,
spring training games, homerun contests, the Pro Bowl, preseason games
or any other event that TJ Goldrock does not choose to release a play
on. These selections are for entertainment purposes only. TJ Goldrock is
NOT a gambling site and does NOT accept any wagers of any kind. TJ
Goldrock is NOT LIABLE for any losses a client or non-client may make
from selections released on this website by email or any social media
outlet of the TJ Goldrock Network including but not limited to Facebook,
Twitter or YouTube - either free picks or buy picks of any package
(including selections from other handicappers - guest or otherwise -
including horse racing picks). Once a selection is sold all sales are final -
NO REFUNDS. In an event of a canceled game (rain out, etc.) a paying
client(s) will receive the next day selection(s) for free. If TJ Goldrock
cannot locate the client(s) (by email) then the picks will be listed on for free. TJ Goldrock releases selection(s) by email,
so you must have a valid email address to receive selection(s). If the MLB
season or the NFL season is shortened for any reason (lockout, strike,
etc.) TJ Goldrock is not responsible and will NOT provide any refunds of
any monies for any game(s) lost in the season both regular season
and/or post season. You must be 18 years of age or older or 21 years of
age or older to use this service depending on the laws in your area. TJ
Goldrock advises each individual client to check with their own local law
authorities before buying selection(s). TJ Goldrock is not responsible for
power outages of any kind including acts of nature when releasing plays
to anyone - client or non-client. By signing up with TJ Goldrock and
paying for the selection(s) you agree to the terms and conditions of this
disclaimer/privacy policy. All client information obtained by TJ Goldrock
will remain totally confidential. TJ Goldrock reserves the right to modify
these rules and/or our disclaimer/privacy policy at any time.
Copyright 2019 TJ Goldrock

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